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Karastan's environmental leadership - we call it Eco Chic. Making a commitment to environmentalism means more than talk; it means taking responsibility for the entire lifecycle of your carpet - from cradle to cradle. Responsible processes, beautiful products, a cleaner world.


As a leader in the carpet and rug industry, Karastan holds a position of environmental responsibility that it takes seriously. Our efforts to use sustainable ingredients, preserve natural resources, and repurpose excess are continual. We strive to develop responsible solutions and willingly plan ahead to optimize improvement in all areas of environmental stewardship. In keeping with these principles, we aggressively research, develop, and employ new ways of preserving our planet and of producing products that improve the health and comfort of your home.

Green Ratings

A growing number of organizations are putting together guidelines for green products and sustainable building practices. Those that are most respected include CRI Green Label and Green Label Plus, LEED for Home and NAHB Green Home Building. Read More


Responsible Solutions

Finding better ways of doing things is good business. For Karastan, our motivation goes far beyond financial gains. We consider the social and environmental implications of all our decisions and employ responsible solutions that support the well-being of our co-workers, our community, and our world. Read More


Eco-Wise Wovens

Weaving plays an important environmental role since woven carpets and rugs last twice as long as those that are tufted. Increasing longevity by 200% reduces energy consumption by 50% and keeps woven products out of landfills 14 to 21 years beyond conventional floor coverings. Read More

Sustainable Ingredients

We realize that what we do impacts our biosphere. That is why we are always on the lookout for ways to use sustainable products and practices. By utilizing renewable ingredients, like wool, and renewably sourced polymers, like DuPont™ Sorona®, we are able to create beautiful carpets and rugs while preserving the earth’s nonrenewable resources for future generations. Read More

Clean Air Certified

All Karastan wools are Clean Air Certified. This means they have gone through rigorous certification testing to meet strict standards for VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions. In addition, these tests go a step further to prove that Karastan wools actively remove contaminants from the indoor air, thus making breathing areas safer and healthier. Read More