Easy To Care For & Built To Last

Karastan Luxury Vinyl is renowned for its exquisite beauty, quality and resilience. By following a few care and cleaning guidelines for your flooring, you can expect years of enjoyment.

Caring For Your Luxury Vinyl

Preventing Damage

Prevent indentations and scratches by using non-staining floor protectors on the legs of chairs, appliances and all heavy furniture. Floor protectors should be at least 1” in diameter. Periodically clean protectors to remove grit that may become embedded and cause scratching.

Preventing Damage Cont.

Replace plastic or metal chair casters with rubber and keep casters clean. Place walk-off mat at entrances. Mats should be non-rubberized backing and be labeled as non-staining. Remove shoes with cleats, spikes or pointed high heels before walking on the floor. Also, remember to keep pets' nails trimmed.


Sweep the floor regularly with a soft bristle broom to remove loose dirt. Wash the floor with non-abrasive, neutral PH floor cleaner approved for vinyl floors. For everyday cleaning, a mop moistened with warm water will suffice.

Installation Instructions

LuxeCraft Uniclic Multifit Installation

LuxeCraft Herringbone Installation

LuxeCraft Uniclic Installation