Easy To Care For & Built To Last

Karastan Luxury Vinyl is renowned for its exquisite beauty, quality and resilience. By following a few care and cleaning guidelines for your flooring, you can expect years of enjoyment.

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Caring For Your Luxury Vinyl

Preventing Damage

Invest in high-quality floor mats for an extra layer of protection. Place the mats at entrances and exits to collect and trap corrosive substances that can be tracked in. Spills should be cleaned up immediately, and the floor washed with a nonabrasive floor cleaner when needed. Avoid using a vacuum with a beater bar.


When cleaning LuxeCraft floors, use a soft bristle broom to remove loose dirt. Damp-mop as needed with clean water and a nonabrasive floor cleaner. Harsh cleaning chemicals should not be used on luxury vinyl flooring.

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