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Overlap Stair Nose

Creates a transition to the edge of the step by overlapping the flooring on the back end instead of being flush.

Vinyl Stair Cap

Creates a smooth and flush finish on the edges of steps by using the same vinyl flooring plank to ensure a corresponding color and texture.

Quarter Round

These pre-finished moldings cover the expansion space between the floor and the wall.

4-in-1 Transition

Performance Accessories' exclusive 4-in-1 transition allows you to utilize a single transition for four different applications.


Used to transition between flooring of equal heights and in doorways.

Hard Surface Reducer

Connects two floors of different heights.

End Molding

Creates a smooth and flush finish on the edges of steps where the flooring meets the transition.

Carpet Transition

Provides a smooth transition between your hard surface floor and carpet.


Our hard-surface collections start with the best from nature and make it even better.
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