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Monet Inspired Pinterest Board

This month, on Live Beautifully, we will explore art and color and how it translates to the home. Throughout the years, art has played a significant role in interior design, from color palettes to decorating elements. We decided to turn our attention to Claude Monet, a prolific artist and founder of French impressionist painting.

Monet adhered to the movement’s philosophy of expressing one’s perceptions before nature. His vast works have inspired architects and artists, fashion, jewelry and interior designers. Our Monet Inspired Pinterest Board celebrates the artist, his color palette, and some of his most inspired subjects.

From the brilliant hue of the red poppies as portrayed in Wild Poppies, Near Argenteuil, to the watercolor pastel palette from the Water Lilies series painted between 1914-1926. Fashion, architecture, design and décor have drawn upon elements in Monet’s paintings to inspire their own creations.

For Monet enthusiasts, there is tremendous allure in our Karastan SmartStrand carpets and rugs. Floral motifs take center stage in the Carmel collection and in our Brookdale Croissant rug, while our Avion Teal rug features an exciting play of color with nature patterns reminiscent of Monet. Pastels are a favorite of both Monet and Karastan, where the lilac hue of our Grantanna carpet in Valentino looks like the sky in Monet’s Misty Morning on the Seine.

Visit our Monet Inspired Pinterest Board today, and let us know which pins are your favorites, in the comments section.