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How to Find the Perfect Carpet for Fall

From pumpkins to daisies and woven baskets to autumn leaves, the colors and styles of fall are some of the most beautiful of the year. Orange tones brighten up your home while earthy browns and splashes of gold dot your décor and showcase the beauty of natural color.

With so many different options, what are your favorite ways to update your fall décor? Do you like to touch up some paint, purchase new furniture or simply add a pumpkin to your front porch? One thing that people don’t often realize is how big of a role the perfect carpet plays in tying together your décor! The perfect fall carpet needs to keep your feet warm and cozy while still able to stand up to the mud and slush of fall, all while still maintaining a beautiful color.

Check out our guide to finding the perfect fall carpet:

Step #1: Choose Your Location

Where you plan on putting a carpet will dictate what type of carpet you purchase. Places like living rooms and stairs receive the most direct traffic and will require denser, more durable carpets with heavier weights. These are great areas for wool carpets, due to their superior durability and ease of cleaning. If you’re looking to upgrade the carpet in your bedroom or guest room, these areas receive less traffic and allows you to be more flexible in the type of carpet you purchase. These areas are great for fibers like SmartStrand because of the silky softness that they give to your feet, but we’ll get more into fibers later!

fall carpet


Step #2: Choose a Color

It may seem like one of the most obvious things to do, but it’s also one of the most important! A lighter tone is much more resistant to fading than a deep, rich color. For a sunroom or area with large bay windows, a softer hue like our Bergeron in Peach Parfait is a great choice.  When designing a fun fall guest room, go bold! A rich orange or gold carpet like our Fifth Avenue Flair in 18 Karat well help your guest feel like they’re stepping into a luxurious new world. To outfit the man cave, think about adding a distressed carpet like Kingsley in Chantilly. Kingsley gives your room a rustic look with a luxurious feel. Your feet sink into the carpet while you’re relaxing in your personal oasis.

fall carpet


Step #3: Choose a Fiber

When it comes to finding the perfect fall carpet, durability and ease of cleaning has to be near the top of your list. A fiber like our elegant New Zealand wool is the epitome of durability and beauty. Wool also helps insulate your floor and keeps you warm as the temperatures continue to drop. Other fibers like our SmartStrand fibers are created with superior durability and extreme softness in mind. These carpets, like Berkeley, are crafted to protect against spills and pet stains yet allow the silky fibers to slide between your toes and surround your feet in softness.


Step #4: Don’t Be Afraid to Be Bold

To find the perfect carpet, don’t be afraid to look to nature for inspiration. Think about animals that thrive in the declining temperatures and snowy weather. A carpet like our Savanna Scenes in Antelope gives you a whole new way to be creative and design your home for the fall.

Have you found your perfect fall carpet? Share with us in the comments!