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Trends we love: Luxury walk-in closets

Closets are no longer the functional, forgettable spaces where we hide our clothing. For many of us clothes, shoes and accessories are works of art that we want to display even when we’re not wearing them.

Closets have moved beyond practical storage solutions. Sure, they still have hangers and shelves, but the hangers are carved walnut and the floor-to-ceiling shelves are backlit by LEDs. Today, they now double as spacious dressing rooms with design details like 3-way mirrors, Carrera marble vanities and plush chairs to relax in while browsing your wardrobe options. If it sounds like a trip to your favorite boutique, good, because the trend is to feel like you’re shopping your closet.

Take a look at these luxury walk-in closets with their spacious accommodations. In these coveted rooms every treasured item of clothing is right at your fingertips ready for when you need to look your best.




While a walk-in closet is the dream of many women, stylish men also like the advantages of a well-organized space. The refined and masculine vibe of fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s closet is not due to the couture clothes but rather the mahogany cabinetry and a leather-upholstered bench that, incidentally, is right in step with his extensive boot collection.




A rainbow’s array of shoes and a colorful place to slip them go hand-in-hand in this light and airy luxury closet. Library-style stacking shelves tuck in shoes neatly together in a compact space that’s easily accessible.



(Source – photo by Lisa Adams)

When a couple shares the walk-in closet, the space must provide ample room for both. The glass-top center island allows for easy accessory viewing as well as storage. The richness of wood adds to the luxury appeal while well-placed lighting creates a soft and inviting overall illumination.


(Source – Hi Sugarplum – Karastan’s Cheetah carpet)

Choose an area rug or carpeting that echoes the theme of the closet design. Here, a spontaneous burst of cheetah spots with the fuzzy stool match the fashionable personality of Hi Sugarplum blogger Cassie, the closet curator.

Custom storage solutions, spacious dressing areas and luxurious design amenities – these walk-in closets offer enough inspiration for everyone to borrow or steal.

Do you have a walk-in closet or wish you did? Tell us about your dream space in the comments!



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