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How To Create Romantic Home Decor

The secret to creating an aura of romance in your room is to focus on speaking to the senses: sight, sound, touch and smell. Try these simple suggestions and create a look you’ll love to linger in!


(Karastan Maiden Lane luxury carpet)

Color Cues

Color has a surprisingly strong grasp on your mood. To create a warm room, shades of red are ideal and often associated with romance, though stick with the rosier shades for a softer ambiance. In addition to rosy hues, creamy colors offer a flattering inherent glow. For a safe bet, opt for soft color schemes with accents of pale blue or green, employing their naturally soothing and tranquil qualities.


Fresh Flowers

Fresh cut flowers add color and natural beauty to your surroundings. To many of us, an elegant floral arrangement symbolizes luxury as well. Not only do flowers romance your sense of sight with their beauty but they also delight your sense of smell with their natural fragrances.

Low Lighting

Ignite intimacy with options that allow you to soften the glare of bright lighting. A simple fix with the installation of dimmer switches so you can then adjust the lights to match your mood and lower them when you’re craving a more relaxed atmosphere.


Cozy Candles

Scent is a strong sense deeply connected to our emotions. Take for instance how nostalgic scents of your childhood might conjure a longing for ‘home’ or how a whiff of your significant other’s cologne might bring back the familiar feeling of butterflies from when you first met. Scents can also be a powerful mood enhancer. Use that power to your advantage with quality candles in warm, inviting fragrances. Just be mindful that your scents remain subtle and never overbearing.


Wooing Warmth

Ignite all the senses and kindle a fire in the fireplace. Imagine basking by its warm, flickering glow, feeling the warmth wrap your skin and the sound sooth your soul. Bonus points if then you cuddle up with a cozy throw, thoughtfully placed fireside and cast in a luxurious finish, like velvet or fur.

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Sensual Softness

Few things are less romantic than cold feet. Create comfort from head to toe with the swoon worthy softness of Karastan’s luxurious shag style rugs or our premium carpets. Both our After 5 Shag and Prima Shag selections will add a lavish finish to your romantic room.




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