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The Innovation of a Classic

Since the first coveted crop of Karastan ‘Wonder Rugs’ arrived at Wanamaker’s New York department store in 1928, the brand has upheld a legacy of quality, beauty and durability. The Karastan rugs’ debut created quite a sensation, as Marshall Field & Co. pioneered a machine-made oriental design rug that was almost impossible to distinguish from the imported originals. Today, the Karastan legacy lives on, leading the industry in both value and design.

As we ventured into 2015, we furthered that legacy with the creation of our highly anticipated Sovereign Collection, which we introduced on Live Beautifully late last year. Inspired by some of Karastan’s iconic best sellers and refreshed with a vibrant palette of modern color, we couldn’t help but steal another moment in the lime light for the Sovereign Collection as we ponder all that is simultaneously antique and luxurious this month. Built on the renowned design foundation of our roots and restored with the rich color choices of today, our Sovereign Collection is the best of both worlds, offering timeless tradition cast in a fresh, new light.

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Perfect for sumptuously pulling together an oversized living room or great room, the breathtaking Emir style from the Sovereign Collection is available in sizes as large as 10 feet by 14 feet.

Jafet Edit2014


Full of rich detail and saturated color, the Maharajah style is another from the Sovereign Collection that is available in multiple sizes, to elegantly enhance your space.