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Still the Wonder Rug of America

In 1928, Karastan took American by storm, introducing heirloom quality machine made rugs made domestically that replicated timeless elements found in Persian handmade rugs. From the moment our first rug came off the loom (2:02 pm April 8, 1928) our name has been synonymous with elegant and rivaled their handmade counterparts.

Marshall Field was able to build a loom so far advanced in technology his handmade rugs were originally dubbed the “Mystery Rugs.”

In fact, Karastan produced a rug that literally “floored” 3 million viewers at the World’s Fair in 1933 in Chicago. Karastan created a large version of its still top selling pattern Kirman. We put it on display and invited the world to walk on it. More than 5 million people left their footprints and fair stains all over the rug. We cleaned half the rug so people could see how well our rugs recover. The rug still exists in the same state today. The Wonder Rug continues to inspire all of us at Karastan, and was on display at Westchester Home for an Interior Designer Event in October 2014. Its no wonder our rugs because known as the “Wonder Rugs of America”.

As a Karastan employee, I am proud to celebrate Karastan’s heritage of excellence and also delighted to share a “behind-the-scenes” look into one of the most well-known, timeless, and most luxurious area rugs in the world. As a contributing blogger for Live Beautifully, I’ll be writing about Karastan’s products, providing all of readers with an insider’s look into our beautiful carpets and rugs.


About Karastan’s Rugs

While the world has evolved since Karastan was founded in 1928, one thing remains, and that is our enduring, uncompromising commitment to quality. From design to finishing and packaging, more than 30 skillful craftsmen care for each Karastan rug. Our rugs are manufactured in Northwest Georgia, which is also the home of our most celebrated treasure – our employees.