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Four Decades with Karastan

Today, we spotlight two men who have both spent more than 42 years at Karastan! Harold Giles started as a floor hand at Karastan when he was a young man, and moved to the threading department, where he works today. Eddie Thomas, meanwhile, has seen a lot of the rug business! He began his career at Karastan as a warehouse man, and then progressed to become a carpet wrapper, rug splitter, order filler, shipper/receiver and, today, a crew leader.


During his four decades with the company, Harold Giles says that he’s seen new machinery, new ideas, many new colors and new patterns. Throughout the years, Karastan’s legendary quality has been the consistent thread that runs through every rug. When asked what makes Karastan a special place to work, Harold attributed it to “seeing how we make rugs and carpet from scratch, right from the start to the end.”


Eddie Thomas felt similarly about the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each and every Karastan rug. According to Eddie, it’s “the workmanship that goes into making this product and the people who work here,” that makes Karastan such a special place to work.

At Karastan, people have come and gone over forty years, but what has truly impressed Eddie has been all of the advancements made in technology. Eddie fondly recalled the washing process, where “we used to make our own washing solution with lime and chlorine. Today, it’s all done automatically, and what would take 12-16 hours in the dryer now takes no more than 15 minutes!”

Looking back at his four decades at Karastan, Eddie fondly remembers “the people here, through the years, who have been good to work with.” At the end of the day, though, Eddie proudly boasts, “We always produce a great product.”

We thank you, Harold and Eddie, for 42 years of exceptional service at Karastan!