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Decades at Karastan

The fine craftsmanship behind our Karastan carpet and rugs are, in part, due to our talented and dedicated employees. Danny East has spent more than 45 years in the Weave Room at Karastan, joining our staff after completing his service in the U. S. Army. Today, he works on the famed Axminster looms, which produce some of Karastan’s most luxurious rugs.


Danny has fond memories of working on many unique rugs, including a 1976 Bicentennial rug, basset hound rugs for Hush Puppies shoe stores, and rugs made for Elvis Presley, Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and even the Pope!


Larry Slade, meanwhile, has spent more than three decades at Karastan, working all the various jobs in the dye house, beginning as a skein hanger. Both men appreciate the workmanship and quality that their coworkers put into every Karastan rug.

Larry Slade

“The quality of the work that goes into making our rugs is what makes Karastan rugs legendary,” said Slade. Today’s processes are more computer-assisted than when he began with Karastan, but the same craftsmanship and hands-on attention goes into every rug that bears the Karastan name.

When all is said and done, both Larry Slade and Danny East praise their coworkers for what makes Karastan a special place to work. We are lucky to have such wonderful, and loyal, employees!