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BelleLuxe: Hardwood that Inspires Luxury

Known for making luxury carpet and rugs for the past 90 years, Karastan has launched our first hardwood flooring line: BelleLuxe. BelleLuxe floors feature the best of nature, crafted to elevate any room in your home. Karastan’s BelleLuxe line brings richness and beauty to your home with crafted hardwood floors that are “Better than Nature Intended.”

BelleLuxe is available in multiple colors and styles. The line pays the highest respect to each tree, preserving their stories through a 100-step process that captures every knot and streak. With large width planks of 7-10 inches, this captivating collection proudly displays the rare beauty and original character of the wood, setting a new standard for luxurious hardwood.

We interviewed stylist Jennifer Shine, of Shine Designs, to learn more about five of her favorite BelleLuxe styles and how to incorporate them.   

According to Shine, Karastan’s BellleLuxe flooring creates a classic, timeless look in your home with traditional wood looks that never go out of style. “These styles aren’t something you can find everywhere,” says Jennifer Shine. “This collection is made up of unique looks that are full of character.”

Chevreaux and Ashmore Oak

Sourced from the ancient European forest of Tronçais, these two French oak collections are steeped in old world charm. Inspired by the traditional craftsmanship of French wine barrel-makers, Karastan’s craftsmen discovered that the oak’s medullary rays and tight grain patterns are equally ideal for refined and luxurious hardwood flooring. 

Karastan BelleLuxe hardwood floor in a sitting area

Chevreaux is the perfect flooring for the homeowner who is current and on trend. “This flooring is complimented best by a transitional style décor,” says Shine. “To compliment Chevreaux, I recommend keeping furniture and flooring patterns neutral and serene with pops of color coming from art or accent pieces.” 

Karastan BelleLuxe hardwood floor in a living room

Ashmore Oak is a perfect complement for any modern farmhouse. “The Farmhouse look is so on trend right now,” says Jennifer. “The lighter, serene pallet of the Ashmore Oak and furniture mixed with the cozy farmhouse accent pieces creates a room that no one will want to leave.” Old-time accent pieces like barn doors combined with clean and sleek designs add details while Ashmore Oak acts as a clean background for the room. 

Worthington Oak and Worthington Herringbone

Following the age-old steps of papermaking artisans, flooring craftsmen scoured European oak forests in search of groves with consistent springtime temperatures. In these conditions, oak trees grow at a near-perfect rate, producing the smaller rings and cleaner grain patterns that are essential for luxury flooring. By handpicking logs and refining them into hardwood, Karastan’s craftsmen transformed the raw wood into elegant flooring that brings nature’s treasures into your home.

Karastan BelleLuxe herringbone hardwood floors

Worthington Herringbone is a true statement piece; the eye-catching pattern is made to wow whenever anyone steps into the room. When using a strong flooring choice like Worthington Herringbone, it is important that there are not too many pieces ‘talking’ at once, according to Shine. “When everything in the room is talking at the same time it’s an overload to the sense,” says Shine. “Design is having pieces you love and showcasing them so they can speak for themselves. So, if your flooring is the showstopper, your furniture should become quieter, like a backdrop to the overall feeling of the room.”

Villa Pointe Maple

The world’s finest stringed instruments are crafted with maple, a unique wood with compact grain patterns that yield a rare resonance. This same trait is ideal for luxury hardwood flooring, prompting Karastan’s craftsmen to source old-growth maple wood that is rich with those precious grain patterns and depth of character. In the skilled hands of the craftsmen, the raw maple is preserved and accentuated, revealing the cracks, streaks, and knots that make this a stunning hardwood floor to last for generations.

Karastan BelleLuxe hardwood floors in a bedroom

Villa Pointe Maple features the classic characteristics of wood flooring that everyone craves. The rustic and raw look of this flooring makes it a universal choice for any room in your home. “I can see Villa Pointe Maple in a variety of spaces,” says Shine. “With its tried and true look, I can see it in front of a white shiplap wall with a big, comfortable sectional in the most popular room of the home.” Villa Point Maple is truly its own design element, making it the perfect anchor for any room.

Timeless, inspired, flawless – Karastan’s craftsmanship elevates hardwood flooring to breathtaking heights. The BelleLuxe line accentuates the magic and majesty behind nature’s designs, inviting natural brilliance into your home and encouraging you to relax, luxuriate, and live beautifully.