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Add a Modern Touch to a Classic Design

The elegance and intricacy of Persian designs or the consistent and fluid lines of French styles have been around for centuries and are still popular around the globe. But how do you transform these classic designs into a chic space? Here are a few tips:

Feature Carpet Designs



Though subtle, a carpet adorned with contemporary shapes or structures is a simple way to bring a modern element to a classically designed room. Karastan’s Modern Aesthetic carpet adds a contemporary touch to any room.

Keep it Simple



Minimalism and simplicity are two of the biggest trends in modern design. Even the most beautiful spaces can become unappealing with extra clutter. Amber Interiors utilized a simplistic design to give a mid-century space a modern aesthetic feel.

Color is Key



One of the biggest aspects of both classic and modern design is the use of color. Bold reds and golds have been popular throughout history to illustrate power and status, while modern design features bright color to make each room unique. Karastan’s  luxury carpeting Maiden Lane comes in various colors to give a modern-day appeal to a classic space.

Space it Out



Keep your room airy and vibrant! The use of natural light and sleek furniture gives your interiors a classic, soothing feel while eclectic accents like a sea-inspired mosaic adds that modern flair. Accent pieces like this mosaic artwork from Pier 1 Imports are an easy way to create a new ambiance for a room.

Be Natural



Incorporate the natural elements that surround your home into your interior design. Whether it’s inspiration from the ocean or the mountains around your home, use those features to create your modern oasis. Designers at HGTV loves a classic coastal design, like the one featured in this simple nautical bedroom.

Are you ready to spice up your design? Karastan’s Metropolitan Collection is the perfect way to make a modern addition to your classic space.

What is your favorite type of modern design? Share with us in the comments!




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