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A Penny for Your Thoughts with Patina Vie

Earlier this year, Karastan announced its latest collaboration with the intriguingly luxurious and invitingly livable lifestyle brand, Patina Vie. Since then, the style obsessed team at Patina Vie has partnered with Karastan on more than a few covetable collections, infusing their timeless taste in every piece. This month, we were over the moon at the chance to sit down with the brand’s creator and founder, Sarah Willett, and share some snapshots of the forever fashionable inner workings of this design doyenne.


Sarah Willett, Founder and Creator of Patina Vie

KARASTAN: In the ‘about’ section of Patina Vie’s website, it states, “We’re a passionate team of vintage collectors, product designers, artists and style-makers… ever-charmed by the warm layers of time.” Can you tell us a little more about that and what originally inspired you to found Patina Vie?

SARAH WILLETT: Patina Vie has simply allowed me to share the casual lifestyle that I live in a quaint hamlet in Wisconsin’s emerald countryside.   Our happy little cottage is filled with inspired goods and treasures from all of my travels… stylish touches that are authentic, personal, gathered and layered with a creative eye. Patina Vie is a design house, where we have the honor of designing products that have a soulful spin (KARASTAN RUGS et al); and also collect, curate and sell one-of-a kind antiques and vintage (which make my heart flutter). The combination of old and new inspired our tag line, HISTORY + STYLE COLLLIDE.

KARASTAN: Now, nearly two decades later, where do you draw your design inspiration from today?

Patina Vie Mademoiselle Candles -3

Patina Vie Mademoiselle Candles

SARAH WILLETT: Our process is ever-changing and wildly inspired (thank goodness)!! We love to have lots of projects all in the works at once… which allows us to layer “pretty” onto many different products as we go.   We adore nostalgic touches and subtle, artful details that celebrate craftsmanship. We’re inspired by nature, vintage textiles, travel, European architecture, soulful music, barefoot days with our dogs snoozing under our desks… you name it… we’re obsessed with just about anything we can get our hands on!

KARASTAN: What are some of your favorite home décor trends of 2017?


Patina Vie French Petite Urn Lamp

SARAH WILLETT: I’m coveting the casual art of UNDECORATED looks… natural woods, easy fabrics, rugs that have a subtle imperfection (as if they’ve already lived), pops of earthy-saturated colors.

KARASTAN: What color trends are you loving right now?

SARAH WILLETT: I’m craving matte WHITE, vintage WARM GOLD, deep INDIGO, subtle BLUSH + dirty LAVENDER (I could go on and on……)!!

Vintage European Deconstructed Sofa

Vintage European Deconstructed Sofa

KARASTAN: Patina Vie is known for its appreciation of vintage style. Have you noticed any timeless trends that continue to inspire your designs, season after season?

SARAH WILLETT: Forever and ever I will be a fan of vintage architectural touches… they give a home nostalgia and a gorgeous connection to the past (I have a set of 5 horse stable shutter doors all lined up in a room just leaning against the wall to create delicious drama… I smile every time I walk past). On my patio I hoard crumbling old European urns and concrete garden pots… I have a true problem : ) Timeless forevermore!!

Vintage Belgian Beer Crate & Bottles, 13 Pcs

Vintage Belgian Beer Crate & Bottles, 13 Pcs

KARASTAN: Summer is such a fun season to play with new colors, patterns and textures. What is currently on your list of summer ‘must-haves’ for the home?


Patina Vie Vintage Caning Pillow/ Silver

SARAH WILLETT: It’s about 95 degrees here right now… we are in the heart of a luscious Wisconsin summer. I’m CRAVING indigo and white dip dye SHIBORI in every room.   Rugs, curtain panels, throw pillows, ceramics… so, so good!

KARASTAN: For those of us who aren’t designers, the creative process of decorating a space can sometimes feel overwhelming. Where do you usually start when redecorating or starting fresh in a new space?

SARAH WILLETT: Such a great question… as the process can be very overwhelming… but no need!   I tend to start with one piece that I am in LOVE with… (you know what I mean here)… a fresh new pillow that you HAD to have… the RUG that you can’t stop dreaming about.. the sofa that you’ve told all your friends to check out on your Pinterest board.   START WITH WHAT YOU LOVE.   It will inspire all the other layers and choices you need to make…!!

KARASTAN: Do you have any tried-and-true tips for pulling the look of a room together?

SARAH WILLETT: I also always throw in something special and nostalgic to me… a great old photo, a framed hand-written note or keepsake that gives my space more soul.   We all want to live in a home that is authentic to us… that feels uniquely personal… this will make your heart sing every time (I promise).

KARASTAN: What are your favorite blogs or publications to follow?

SARAH WILLETT: This question is absolute TROUBLE!   My magazine subscription list is insane. I adore paper pages that I can scribble notes on… tear out … and tuck into any project we’re working on. A few forever-favorites: The World of Interiors (British, the photos are so to-die-for… I’m left breathless with every issue), ELLE DÉCOR (inspiring features, trends, covetable rooms), WHERE WOMEN CREATE (coolest collection of inspiring, creative women) , AFAR (I’m on an airplane almost every week… But generally just zipping to meetings… AFAR is littered with destinations from my dreams), WALLPAPER (British, if you want bits of cool from ever corner), VANITY FAIR (I always buy the latest copy in airports… a great flip when you’re tucked back in the middle seat of row 38! Fashion, celebrities, gossip, design, politics, art, a little sass thrown in…. love the vibe).

Blogs are such fun… truth-be-told… we’re addicted to pretty photos… the more we can drool over the better!! Modern Hepburn Tumblr (pretty, pretty, pretty), A Daily Something (a celebration of daily somethings), Honey Pie Living (enchantingly beautiful photos and writings), Home-Mint-Home Tumblr (inspiring interiors).

KARASTAN: Okay… we’re dying to know! Out of all the beautiful area rugs you’ve collaborated with Karastan to design, do you have a favorite?

SARAH WILLETT:   My answer is in honor of my grandmother, Barb… as we both are obsessed with our country garden flowers. Every time I see her, I ask… what is your favorite? Her answer never lets me down, “whatever is blooming today”..!!

It’s my same problem with our Karastan/Patina Vie rugs too… I love them all.   They all make my mouth water and my palms a little sweaty. The opportunity to see our artwork come to life on such a grand scale has been an absolute honor.   We couldn’t be more delighted… cheers + thanks!!


Pictured above is the Martinique Area Rug in Hazelnut, a piece designed in partnership with Patina Vie

Curate your own inspired interior with these hand-picked pieces and dreamy designs courtesy of our fashionable friends at Patina Vie!