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Owners Showcase

Share your decorating statements with us. Upload images and stories showing how your Karastan rug or carpet is enhancing your life—whether it's a vintage heirloom or a new Karastan destined to start its own legacy.

Woven within every Karastan is a story. Those featured here are some of our most recent, with many including home photos. We are pleased to share these Personal Statements with you and hope they inspire you to Make a Statement.

Mr & Mrs Hynson, FL

My wife and I have just purchased three of your Ashara rugs. At the same time we have been updating the inventory of our household possessions for insurance purposes. Doing so has made us aware of how much we have enjoyed our Karastan rugs over the years and how well they have maintained their beauty.

Denise Hoy

I love Karastan carpet…My husband and I have purchased your carpet for both of our homes. We would not buy any other carpet! In fact, we are currently putting Karastan in our bedroom, living room and dining area. We have lived in our home for seven years and cannot wait to change the builders’ carpet to a good quality carpet. We had Karastan carpet in our other home and NOTHING would stain the carpet.

Elaine Porter, CA

My father passed away recently and one of his furnishings that I was able to get was his Karastan area rug. The pattern is Eastern Jewel #7002/2540. My father had duct-taped the fringe to the back of the carpet because he kept tripping on the fringe. I had a carpet cleaner clean it and they were able to get the entire residue off of the fringe and the rug looks like new. I am delighted that it has cleaned up so beautifully. It is going to be one of my treasures.

Mr. & Mrs Gindlesperger, PA

Our family just moved into a new home with lots of rooms in need of rugs. The five Karastan’s we brought with us looked so beautiful we decided to get more. Friends suggested we shop at Essis & Sons, which was an excellent recommendation. The sales staff was outstanding and helped us select 14 more Karastan rugs. We chose designs from the Original Karastan and Samovar collections that complement our home and fill it with warmth and comfort.

Jim Long, NC

Our entire house is filled with Karastan fine area rugs and we have been very satisfied with the quality, wear and look of each. We also have a few at our beach house in Holden Beach, NC. Our most recent purchase is for carpet styles Filoli and Filoli Gardens from Karastan's National Trust Collection. We purchased the two styles for our family room and bedroom. We are very pleased with the look and comfort that Karastan carpet has brought to our home.

Gail Wachowiak

I have a Kirman rug that has been passed down from my grandfather’s cousin. Frank Tylicki and his wife Helen lived near the Pullman neighborhood on the south side of Chicago back in the 20's. They bought the rug,and then many years later gave it to my grandparents '53. I have waited 20 years to get the rug, as it has been passed around to other family members since the 80's. I have had it for 1 week, and it is so beautiful that I have to stop and stare at it every time to fully appreciate its grandeur. I absolutely LOVE it!!

Dave Westen, CA

I recently moved into a house that had mainly hardwood floors throughout the living space and I really like that comfortable feeling of sitting around on the sofas or even the floor and thought I couldn't have that with hardwood. Well I knew that I needed an area rug and found Karastan Carpet's "Coastal Elegance" and knew right away that I had to have my rug made from that carpet. As a kid growing up in the late 60's and 70's, I can remember my Mom would put on Dean Martin and either vacuum the shag carpet in the living room and hallway or more often, she would rake it and quietly rock out to Dean! Such a great memory shag carpet brings to mind but this new shag from Karastan will not need to be raked! It feels so soft under foot and looks so great against the hardwood floor that it really is the one thing that brings that level of inviting comfort to that room and makes it such a great space to hang out in. I do vacuum it often, but the music I listen to is just a little bit different than old Deano! Thanks for such a great carpet and such a great memory.

Stanley W. Fields, OR

I went rug shopping with my wife this evening in Portland, Oregon and we purchased an Original Karastan. We shopped at a store with a wide assortment of rugs, including many made from China. We liked the fact that Karastan rugs are manufactured in the U.S.A. You make very high quality, stunningly beautiful rugs. My wife is so very proud of her rug—one that will last for many generations to come. Keep up the good work and thank you for not outsourcing to another country.

Joan Raab

I have just inherited several Karastan rugs marked 712 Kirman. These are real treasures and I look forward to enjoying them.