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Design Expertise


Want to know what to do with those paint chips, carpet samples, and fabric swatches you’ve been collecting? Are you ready to turn those magazine clippings into real projects? You’ve come to the right place!

Ask A Designer

Karastan is pleased to introduce interior design expert, Mindy Miles Greenberg, whose work has garnered numerous awards, publicity and recognition, as well as TV and film features.

As a regular on HGTV’s "Decorating Cents", Mindy uses her experience in residential and commercial design to compose rooms that look beautiful and feel great to live in.

Mindy makes her expertise available to you through Karastan’s Q&A . She offers creative solutions to every decorating challenge, from picking paint colors and choosing furniture layouts, to selecting floor coverings and adding accessories.

About Mindy

Mindy Miles Greenberg is an internationally recognized Interior Designer & Re-Designer.

Ask Your Question

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Decorating Q & A

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Phone Consultation: $250

Up to one-hour of decorating advice from the designer of your choosing. To set up a consultation click here

Design Package A: $795

Single room such as a dining room, guest room, play room, or foyer.

  • Included with Design Package A
  • An introductory phone consultation (up to 30 minutes)
  • A design board with at least two "looks" that include specific paint or wallpaper options, fabric swatches (when appropriate), carpet samples and/or rug sheets.
  • A computer rendered floor plan suggesting furniture arrangement.
  • A 15-minute follow-up consultation to clarify ideas.
  • A $50 coupon towards your purchase of a Karastan carpet or rug.

Design Package B: $1,250

two single rooms (or connected rooms) or a large area such as a basement, master bedroom/bath, kitchen/breakfast area or great room.

  • Included with Design Package B
  • An introductory phone consultation (up to 45 minutes)
  • A design board for each room as detailed in Package A.
  • A computer rendered floor plan for each room as detailed in Package A.
  • A 15-minute follow-up consultation to clarify ideas.
  • A $75 coupon towards your purchase of a Karastan carpet or rug.

Design Package C: $1,950

Adjoining Rooms - a group of three rooms (or studio) that are connected (or open) to one another, such as a dining room/living room/foyer or a kitchen/breakfast area/ keeping room.

  • Included with Design Package C
  • An introductory phone consultation (up to 1 hour)
  • Everything outlined in Package A for each room.
  • A 15-minute follow-up consultation to clarify ideas.
  • A $100 coupon towards your purchase of a Karastan carpet or rug.

Decorating Q & A

1) I am confused as to which size rug we need for the dining room. The room measures out to be 11 feet 10 inches long and 12 feet 7 inches wide. The dining room table is 5 feet 10 inches long and 3 feet 6 inches wide without the additional leaf. I am not sure the size of the rug that would sufficiently cover the entire table and chairs pulled out. Lyda Rocky Face, GA

That's a great question that seems to baffle most people. The rule of thumb is that you want to leave at least 2 feet per chair to pull out. Some rooms don't allow for that type of luxury but it's just one of those handy rules that sometimes applies. If you wanted to get some of that "blue painter's tape" and make an outline on your floor, it would be a great way to see the proportion of the rug you are considering and how it works in your room, prior to purchase.

2) We're building our new house with lots of natural wood (oak), stone and forged iron accents. I would like to do some rooms in an "oatmeal" tone carpet. (i.e. flecks of browns and neutrals.) What Karastan carpet would fit this description? We also have a "slight shedding" boxer and a visiting grandchild (age 1 1/2) Thanks, I love the product and insisted on the brand to my builder. Chris Moyer Ridgewood, NJ

Your new house sounds gorgeous! The mix of wood, stone, and iron offer a backdrop of rich tones that would pair wonderfully with a Berber-flecked carpet. Karastan makes a number of Berber styles in cut-pile and loop-pile textures. Not only would they work well, they would mask shedding hair and withstand the mishaps bound to happen when grandchildren visit! Check out Cabarita, Catalina, and Alamitos Bay.

3) I have wall-to-wall carpet in two rooms on the 1st floor and up the stairs. The carpet in the front room is in perfect condition. The carpet on the stairs is also in good shape. The carpet in the middle room (same room open stairs) needs replacement. The carpet is beige. I would like to have darker carpet in the middle room, which is used all the time. The one there now is stained with drinks, etc. Will it look terrible to put a different color carpet in that room, since all the rooms are pretty much opened up? Do you have any other suggestions? Mary Kay Pittson, PA

Why not try a patterned carpet in a brown/black color with a slight beige pattern? That way you tie in the darker color needed in your heavy traffic area with the existing beige tones. Some Karastan options that would work great are: Gingham Stitch and French Check.

4) I want to carpet my split-level home with a light color that is neutral in tone. I am single and nearing retirement. I also need new living room furniture, so I am not using furniture to guide my carpet selection. I'd appreciate any suggestions for carpet color/style. I'm imagining a light, maybe sort of Japanese or Zen-like atmosphere... (I'm thinking of bamboo, light green for accents). I want a soothing room with a mix of textures and comfort -- not stark modern. I don't want the carpet to have a yellow undertone or be too pink or Khaki...I haven't bought carpet since the mid-80's, so I'm a little lost and get overwhelmed in the stores. I'd appreciate any advice. Norma Redmond, WA

Norma, some Zen-like carpets that come to mind are Agave, Nevis, and Worsted Stria. They are neutral with a twist, which is what I think you are looking for. It would be best to get some samples and see how the light in your space affects the overall color of the carpet. You also might want to consider some colors besides beige. Light greens are soothing to the eye and have a peaceful feeling.

5) I live in a 2,400 square-foot slab, on-grade townhome. I would like to replace my carpet with a plush texture that is dense and thick with fibers .50 high. What do you suggest? Annette Eden Prairie, MN

For a slab installation, I would recommend one of Karastan's trademark products--Eloquence. It is luxuriously thick with a heavy texture. What's more, it comes in 60 colors so you're bound to find the perfect shade for your townhome.

6) How do I choose between short and tall, dense-pile carpet? What is the actual difference when walking on it? Ilse Boynton Beach, FL

The answer to your question is really a matter of preference. A shorter pile feels tighter underfoot and presents a more tailored look. If you are considering a taller cut-pile (versus a shorter cut-pile), it may look thicker, more velvety and have a sumptuous feel. If you are looking at a frieze or shag-like texture (where the yarns are a little looser in style), the taller pile height will have a more casual look with a feel that you can really dig your toes into. I would suggest going to a carpet store and walking on some carpet samples. Take your shoes off to get a real feel for the carpet before you make a final decision. You can find your nearest Karastan retailer by visiting our store locator section.

7) My foyer wallpaper is in excellent condition and I love it. It's a medium scale floral design (18th century Winterthur style). However, it is 18 years old. I am shopping for an area rug and runner for the foyer, but I do not want to be locked into a color or pattern if the wallpaper should change. What are your thoughts? Eileen Karwaski Media, PA

I think a pattern like Karastan's Captiva from the Samarkand Collection would work very nicely. This pattern is interesting enough to blend with your present medium-scaled floral wallpaper and rich enough to blend with a new paper should you decide to change it. Beige and neutral, this pattern will add warmth to your foyer without being overpowering. It seems a bit "old world" and could fit in beautifully with a classic setting.

Create Your Own

This new program allows you to create your own look from a select group of styles, 100 color options, and custom rug bindings.

Karastan is excited to launch our new Inspired Luxury Program of patterned styles. This program allows the consumer to create their own look. We have compiled a select group of styles, added a 100 custom color option, and a custom rug binding option to create an exciting new program, all in an easy to understand format. This program will replace the National Trust Program that is currently offered. We will utilize the existing fixture and offer a merchandising package to upgrade the display.

  • Consists of two parts
  • Custom Color Program for Carpet Only
  • Consumer can select from the 15 selected styles
  • Choose a color from the 100 color board
  • Receives 3 color swatches to select
  • Custom Rug Binding Program
  • Choose a style and color
  • Select a size
  • 6' x 9'
  • 8' x 10'
  • 9' x 12'
  • Select a binding
  • No custom color option on rug binding program
  • Please note pricing grid on custom rug bindings

-- All Styles are NOT available with all binding options.