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Celebrating 90 Years of Tradition

- Since 1928 -

Quality, beauty and craftsmanship have all been part of the Karastan legacy, and this year we proudly celebrate our 90th Anniversary of offering high-styled, quality floorcoverings. As the only premium flooring brand that inspires luxury by fusing the best of the old and the new, Karastan doesn’t just build products to last, we build them to be timeless.

The Karastan Brand Launches

It all started when the first Karastan rug came off the loom at 2 pm on April 8th, 1928. Marshall Field's built a loom capable of recreating the detailed craftsmanship and luxurious look of a hand-woven rug, and our name became synonymous with elegant machine-made rugs that rivaled their handmade counterparts.

Karastan at Chicago World's Fair

The Karastan "Wonder Rug" became a sensation at the Chicago World's Fair, admired by the millions who marveled at its beauty and tested its durability and quality. Over five million people walked on a Karastan rug, which was then cleaned to show the contrast between its worn and newly-pristine sides, proving that it was able to retain its original beauty and luster.

Karastan Introduces Kara-Loc Weaving Method

After years of experimentation, the famous Kara-loc loom was perfected and considered one of the greatest advances in the carpet industry. This loom made more pile yarn per square yard possible, the basic factor in carpet quality, and opened the door to Karastan's trend-setting contributions to carpet design.

Karastan Introduces Famous Logo

Like Karastan products, the now-famous Karastan logo withstands the test of time. This cornerstone of Karastan's visual identity is today one of the most recognized names in quality carpet and rugs.

Karastan Introduces First Nylon Carpet

"Coquille," Karastan's first nylon carpet, was introduced in 1967, closely followed by one of the company's best all-time sellers, a nylon shag called "Fondeau." Karastan became a pioneer in the development of new synthetic fibers and their application for vibrant new carpets.

Karastan's First Designer Carpet Collection

In the 1970's, Karastan partnered with Halston, known for his famous women's fashion designs, to create the first designer carpet collection. Halston is pictured here in a 1978 photoshoot for LIFE magazine that feature's his iconic home and beloved "ultra suede" Karastan carpet from the collection.

A Bold Take on Advertising

Everything was bigger in the 80's, including Karastan's dramatic advertisements shot by the esteemed photographer Henry Wolf. With the campaign featuring birds inside specially constructed miniature rooms, Wolf was forever experimenting with scale for visual effect.

Karastan Introduces SisalWool

Karastan made product history when it introduced SisalWool at the beginning of the sisal trend. A woven carpet with the texture and feel of sisal, Karastan's innovative version has the look, feel, durability and stain resistance of wool. With sisal products still popular decades later, Karastan has expanded its collection of tailored wool patterns to meeting growing demand.

Karastan SmartStrand Introduces SmartStrand Carpet

A new fiber called Triexta is introduced under the brand SmartStrand. SmartStrand is known for its superior softness, durability and permanent, built-in stain resistance. 2015-2017 introduces advancements to the SmartStrand brand including Forever Clean, All Pet Protection, SmartStrand Silk and SmartStrand Silk Reserve.

After spending the last nine decades perfecting processes and innovating new designs and technologies to create comfortably luxurious products, we look forward to continuing our legacy of craftsmanship and setting the standard for quality, beauty and durability. Only Karastan offers woven and tufted carpets with timeless design choices -fresh colors, exquisite patterns, new textures and innovative fibers that will always be perfectly in style. Each one is beautiful. And each one lives beautifully. This is and always has been the hallmark of Karastan.