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New Zealand Wool

The truth is, not all wool carpets and rugs are created equal. As wonderful as wool is, it is just the beginning of the carpet making process. The difference lies in the manufacturing. Most companies use commissioned spinners, dyers, and even tufters, to help create their products. Not Karastan. We are the only company in the U. S. to control every step of the manufacturing process so you can feel confident in your flooring purchase.

Karastan chooses to use wool from New Zealand over other wool types because it offers superior advantages:

  • New Zealand wool is the purest, whitest wool in the world, offering excellent dyeing characteristics that create long-lasting colors.
  • New Zealand wool is raised with little impact on the natural landscape. It is a renewable and biodegradable fiber that is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly products.
  • New Zealand wool is produced on land mostly unsuitable for other agricultural purposes and does not compete with food production.
  • No internationally banned pesticides are used on New Zealand farms, making New Zealand’s sheep industry one of the world’s greenest animal production systems.
  • New Zealand wool is a superb natural product derived in an environmentally responsible way through sustainable land use.