Karastan's legacy of enduring quality began almost a century ago. And now, with new innovations Karastan floors are softer and more luxurious than ever. Available in a variety of fiber options, Karastan carpets and rugs offer their own advantages to accommodate our personal taste and lifestyle. Whether you prefer highly durable nylon, easy-to-clean SmartStrand® or rich, natural wool—you'll find each Karastan carpet and rug is a finely crafted work of art.


The most beautiful and luxurious of all carpet fibers, wool is highly regarded for its strength, durability and comfort. Learn more about this natural fiber.


Known for its outstanding performance and durability, Kashmere nylon carpets offer homeowners a refined, tailored texture.


Using advanced fiber innovation, SmartStrand carpets offer the highest level of beauty, comfort and performance available. In fact, it's the only carpet with permanent built-in stain and soil protection.

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