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Phi Hua

Posted on Google

Published Feb 27, 2021

Carlos Amaya is wonderful to work with! We are changing our kitchen backsplash; however, we know very little about tile and what product would be best. He is very knowledgeable about tile, and he was patient in answering our many questions. He also helped us look up other tiles that might look good in our kitchen. He went above and beyond to deliver the tile and trim to our home because of some delivery issues with the vendor shipper. We highly recommend the Floor Store in Dublin, and we would recommend that you ask for Carlos. You will be very pleased with his service and his professionalism! He made this project fun!!

Annie Liang

Posted on Google

Published Jan 13, 2021

The Project Manager, Carlos Amaya did a great job handling my bedroom and bathroom floors renovation. He is knowledgeable also understanding client needs, update every steps of the process with me, follow up timely. Very happy with his help from choosing material to complete the projects.


Posted on Google

Published Dec 23, 2020

I hopefully don't make this too long but back in 2019 I was in the middle of my home remodel and looking for a flooring company. Although I live in Walnut Creek, I was told by a friend to try the Floorstore (FS) in Dublin. And honestly, the beginning was fine, met with a representative he walked me through the pricing and different floors and I picked a floor out in my price range. However, the rep (although a nice guy) said my floorswere fine to install and it turned out there were issues with the floor that I picked. We figured this out a quarter way through with the job. However, the FS, in particular, their regionalVP (I think that is her title) Cambria came in and made it right. She didn't charge me anything for picking out a new floor or cost for demo or anything. We went with a thicker dark brown oiled floor that looked great (see pictures). However, we noticed early on while living on the new floors that the brown finish was coming up. We drop jelly and wait an hour to clean it up there became a white mark on the floor, we purchased the correct cleaning agent from the manufacturer, but it still did not matter our finishes were coming up all over the 1300+ sqft of floor in the house. Looked like our floors had eczema. The manufacture sent their inspectors out who said the cause for the finish coming up was due to a maintenance issue by the homeowner (too much elbow grease?). Regardless of this claim, Cambria sent out their best installer who recognized in a matter of minutes that something was off with these floors and they were defective. Now the FS could have still gone with their manufacture and hid behind that or tried to say well we did your demo for free and blah blah blah you pay half the cost. But they didn't, Cambria came out a second time and said it is our fault we will make it right we will give you a full refund and no cost to demo. And for the third time, I picked out floors more expensive than my prior ones got a fabulousdiscount, and didn't pay anything for installation, demo, furniture removal, custom refrigerator removal, or anything. They sent me one of their best installers Bojan Milosevic from European floors and they did a great job on the installation. Any issues we had with the floor or minor touch-ups with repainting the baseboards we needed they took careof. The reason I wrote such a detailed review was not just to say the FSis fabulous and there were no hiccups and that is why you should pick them but instead show you they are like all companies hardworking honest but not perfect. They have leadership that will fix their mistakes and tries their best to make it right and honestly that is all I can hope for in a company. I know there may be cynics who say, "I should have not gone through any of that". Well I can tell you life is not perfect and Companies like the FS help make an imperfect world much easier to navigate.I would highly recommend this company! I would have been five stars but I we did have to wait a year for perfection. :)

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