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Julie Lindgren

Posted on Google

Published Jun 12, 2020

Sean is the best salesman ever. The installers were very congenial and hard workers. Great experience will continue to do business with the best Metro Floors.

Dolores Lauderdale

Posted on Google

Published Jun 01, 2020

Mostly good experience, however, I have an issue with the way the subcontractor re-laid some of the plank flooring. Had two water leaks, one of which caused a stain transfer, and the other was a slab leak in the downstairs bathroom. My new flooring had to be removed in order for the slab leak to be accessed. Roxanne was very helpful and responsive in getting the repair done once the plumbing issue was resolved. Now, there are a couple of areas that are not seated properly, snap when walked on, and appear to have a gap between the planks, and some raised edges. The bathroom is the worst. The toilet was put back in a hurry because one of the workers had to use the bathroom. I was told this, btw. Was also told that the weight of the vanity would flatten out those tiles. Well, that didn’t happen. I should have had them to do it all over again, but I was so sick and tired of dealing with plumbers and handymen, I didn’t. That vanity had been pulled out at least 3 times, and needed to be re-grouted each time. To conclude, I have this extremely expensive, beautiful plank flooring that is not installed as perfectly as I would like.

Kamal Dhawan

Posted on Our Website

Published Apr 04, 2020

I wanted wood to be installed in my home. I had seen great reviews about Metro flooring. Thought will check them out . It was a great experience through out. Starting with Roxanne, she is very knowledgeable and helpful. Did a great job help us choosing the wood of our choice. She referred us to Tom Billeter. Tom has a reputation of being best in the valley. I have now no doubts about it. He did the job in time. He was very professional, very artistic, very hard working and meticulous. My floor came out so beautiful. I am so pleased I chose Metro flooring.

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