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kathleen gonsalves

Posted on Google

Published Feb 05, 2020

01-2020 5 stars go out to Claudia, Olivia. The minute I walked into the S&G Fremont Store the customer service started. My sales rep. gave me 110% Red Carpet Service. No pressure, knowledgeable, a large inventory to pick from. I found (a couple of trips) the carpet and colors that worked for me, and within my budget. 5 stars go out to my installers: Jesus and Jerome 5 stars to Veronica: Backstage 4 stars: I purchased the 8lb padding and after the carpet was installed, the padding (to me) didn’t even feel like 6lb padding. I would recommend S&G Carpet in Fremont.

old cogitator

Posted on Google

Published Dec 12, 2019

Our carpet was poorly installed the first time. I insisted on a quick install, basically three days after the carpet was ordered. Veronica from customer service got involved, and after replacing 1200 of 1500 sq. ft. And fixing a seam, the first crew screwed up, which was running down the center of our living room, it’s perfect. My experience with the first installer could be described as “I would never hire them again.” I blame myself for pushing for a quick install. They had told me it couldn’t be done, but after several calls they found an installer to come in by my deadline. My experience with Freddy (an S&G installer) is the exact opposite. I would not let him have a day off. He is the best. There is a long seam in the master bedroom of which I know the exact location because I watched him do it. I still can’t find it. Overall, I would definitely refer anyone to S&G Carpets for any flooring simply based on the customer service. Veronica made darned sure I was completely satisfied before closing out our account. She was super responsive during the entire transaction and was always available when I called.

Rick Bradley

Posted on Google

Published Jan 27, 2019

My wife and I really appreciated Luke's customer service. As a small business owner, I value having a great staff. From sales to installation, we had a great experience.

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