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Kay Lee

Posted on Google

Published Mar 18, 2023

It was awesome! Measurements were done with precision!

Jerry Vernon

Posted on Google

Published Mar 17, 2023

We had two different areas that we replaced flooring in, the bathroom and a breakfast utility area. The bathroom experience was good very good. The breakfast utility was not. The carpet we selected left footprints everywhere, very noticeable so we rejected it. Then the carpet we selected was not sent out the first time and the installers had to go back and get the right one. Then the installers because they were evidently behind rushed through putting it in leaving marks on the baseboard and damaged one of our vents. I fixed the vent and restained areas that they had messed up. So it was all good at the end but that was not what we expected from grigsby's.

lindsey shelton

Posted on Google

Published Mar 08, 2023

Have used Grigsby's for years! John Bryant provides excellent and professional aerviceamd installation! Myself and my clients have all been super happy!

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Grigsby's Carpet Tile and Rug Gallery