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Monique OneBadRedbone

Posted on Google

Published Nov 11, 2019

Kisha helped me pick a piece and was right there the next day to help me with my purchase. She was an absolute gem!! Thank you Kisha, Christmas will be amazing this year!!

steven stern

Posted on Google

Published Nov 09, 2019

Everything was good. But I had to wait a bit for them to bring my rug out. And Jacob Brown was wonderful to deal with at the front counter. He made me feel better while waiting for my rug. And my sales person Wesley McClain was really helpful and great person to deal with. Thank you all I will be back!

Brody Hough-Oakes

Posted on Google

Published Nov 05, 2019

The Dump is a terrific furniture outlet with a perfect balance of cost and quality. We had some excellent help from a sales associate nicknamed "Colgate". This man could find a needle in a haystack and expertly led us through the store to find exactly what we were looking for at the price point we wanted to stay at. Many thanks! I will be shopping here again.

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