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Diane Thomas

Posted on Facebook

Published Mar 29, 2018

Highly recommend this place! Scott was amazing . I have never met a salesman that didn't "push" and who was upfront and honest . He made getting carpet and flooring so easy and totally stress free! From start to finish I was done with everything in less than a month, and that was only because my carpet was on back order and I had to wait an extra week for my carpet due to my sons baseball schedule. My quote at floor world was around $3,000 less than Home Depot AND I was able to upgrade to a better carpet pad, better carpet and better flooring.

Patrick Barton

Posted on Google

Published Oct 26, 2017

We had wood-like tile installed in our common areas and all of our carpet replaced in the bedrooms. Overall it was a good experience with Floor World. Communication was good throughout the entire process. If I needed something I only had to call Scott the branch manager or George the installation manager and they took care of it. Quality of work was excellent, the tile and carpet look great once finished. The only reason I didn't review as 5 stars is due to two issues. 1. I took off two days (Thurs/Fri) to be present for the work; however the first day the installer didn't show. I had to call to find out where he was. They couldn't make it that day so I was out of a days worth of pay from work. They ended up coming on Fri/Sat. Friday they stayed from 9:30am to 6pm....which was a slight inconvenience due to dinner plans but nothing major. Saturday they finished up in a matter of 2-3 hours. 2. I had to call the tile guys back out to the house twice to fix small things. Missed a small section of grout (we used a 1/16 grout line with dark grout so it was a very easy mistake to make). The second issue was a little more hassle. We had a section where the tile met with old carpet under a door. When the new carpet was installed the different lengths of tile edges made the carpet come out jagged. We called them back out and they had to re-lay 6 tiles across a doorway and cut the carpet straight to match. They have good prices and an easy process. I would strongly recommend Floor World if you need some work done. Just be sure to accept responsibility as the owner and client to communicate your expectations and what you want the end product to look like.

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