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Published Jun 02, 2021

In December 2020, we had Bell's change flooring on 3 stories of our 4 storied house--BIG JOB! Such a STRESSFUL & AGGRAVATING experience!! But let me tell you why we gave them 4 STARS!! We got Mohawk Luxury Vinyl Revella (NOT scratch -resistant as advertised) for the 1st floor & Mohawk Smart-Strand carpet (AWESOME) for the 2nd/3rd floors. Truthfully, we had a horrible experience w/the vinyl installation was a HORRIBLE experience!! Not counting the delay when one of the installers brought COVID into our home, there were many instances of damage to our personal property during removal of the old floor & to various new laid boards (~3mth install). Carpet installation was another team--2 day install---FABULOUS work!! But the light in the storm was Ms. CAROL DYKSTRA!! An amiable angel of professionality, integrity & compassion! She was always ready to come on site when we called. She worked hard to correct problems were she could. And in the end, she provided discounts on our final bill that made us feel heard & valued. This company has had great reviews in the past & maybe COVID complicated their usual standard? A BIG "THANK YOU" to Ms. Carol, who made 2 stars worth of difference.

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