Karastan carpets and rugs go beyond beautiful. Our artisans, averaging 30 years of experience, add their own personal touch to every piece. With handcrafted care, each product is thoughtfully inspected, checked for imperfections, and woven with rich beauty.

Expressions of Beauty

Inspiration stems from within the marvels of tradition, art, nature, and modern life. Our artisans immerse themselves in these experiences, weaving and expressing beauty through intricate patterns, dramatic color variations, detailed textures, and bold tones—all designed to evolve and withstand the pressures of time.

Life Lived Beautifully

Carpets aren't just about patterns or trends – they are part of our homes and lives, an essential component of the important spaces we create and cherish. We make Karastan carpets with this in mind. Crafted for the elegance of your home, to accentuate the meaningful beauty of your treasured spaces, we don't just weave carpet; we weave a place for life's best moments to unfold. With inspired designs, flawless craftsmanship, and long-lasting materials, Karastan is made for a life lived beautifully.

Learn About Fiber

With premium materials and flawless craftsmanship, every Karastan carpet is woven to ensure lasting beauty for generations. Explore the depths of your style in high-quality wool, nylon, and SmartStrand carpets.

Discover Carpet Looks and Trends

Karastan Carpet Guide

Carpet is perhaps the most important element to consider when transforming a living space; it influences decorating plans, changes the mood of a room, and inspires new ideas. These design tips on carpet color, texture, and pattern can help you decide the best carpet for your space and style.

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Color sets the mood within a space. That’s why it may be best to start the carpet search by thinking about the purpose of the room. It’s also helpful to consider how you want people to feel when they walk inside. While keeping these things in mind, be aware of the colors that catch your eye in fabrics, paint swatches and magazines.


Choosing the right patterns is essential for your decorating plan. It can visually stretch the dimensions of a space, define areas within your home and reinforce a room’s character. For example, carpets in floral, animal prints or geometric patterns can give a room instant personality. As a general guide for patterns, choose a theme and build your plan from there.


While texture is directly related to the way your carpet feels, its consistency also determines the appearance of your carpet. Be it rough, soft, think or smooth – your carpet adds to the collection of texture found in your home.